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Solenoid Drivers  with Finned Heat Sink; 30V, 50V and 120V at 20A and 2x16A

Solenoid Divers (SD): Single or Dual Loads.  Or with Optically   Isolated (OI) Control Inputs 

  Si5SD1-50V-20A       Si5SD2-50V-2x16A   

Si5SDOI1-50V-20A     Si5SDOI2-50V-2x16A


Solenoid Diver with Adjustable Time (SDAT): Adjustable Pulse Duration, and  Adjustable Period  

Si5SDAT1-30V-20A       Si5SDAT1-50V-20A

Si5SDAFT1-50V-20A    Si5SDAFT1-120V-20A


 Smart Solenoid Divers (SSD): Dual or Single Load, with Fixed Initial Current Boost followed by a Fixed Current Reduction

 Si5SSD2-FBR-50V-2x16A    $149.00 USD



Power Controllers (Dimmers) and Pump Controllers with Finned Heat Sink; 30V, 50V, 120V at 2x16A, 20A to 50A

 Power Controllers (Dimmers) Single or Dual Load

  Si5HyPC1-30V-20A   Single$109.00 USD   

 Si5HyPC2-30V-2x16A   Dual

Si14HyATPC1-50V-20A   Adjustable Ramp-Time,  

Si15NeUdPC1-30V-20A RoHS Compliant Si15NeUdPC1-50V-20A  RoHS Compliant  Networkable

Si16HyPC2-30V-2x16A   Dual With Common Ground

Si16HyPC2-S13kHz-30V-2x6A   Dual With Common Ground


  Pump Controllers  with Soft Start/Stop

    Si5PumpC1-30V-20A  Single, $149.00 USD

    Si5PumpC1-50V-20A   Single, $159.00 USD


Unidirectional Speed Controllers for Brush-Type DC Motor; 30V, 50V, 90V, 120V at 20A, 2x16A, 32A

  Open Loop, Single or Dual Load, With Finned Heat Sink

$109.00 to $139.00 USD  

       Si5HyUdMC1-30V-20A       Si5HyUdMC1-50V-20A 

  Si5HyUdMC1-90V-20A           Si52HyUdMC1-120V-20A

 Si5HyUdMC1-30V-32A             Si5PiUdMC1-30V-32A 

 Si5HyUdMC2-30V-2x16A        Si5HyUdMC2-50V-2x16A 

Si14HyUdMC1-50V-20A          Si14HyATMC1-50V-20A  Adjustable Ramp-Time

Open Loop, Networkable with  Display Port  

Si15NeUdMC1-30V-20A  RoHS Compliant      Si15NeUdMC1-50V-20A   RoHS Compliant


Closed Loop, Single Load, With Finned Heat Sink 

$109.00 to $119.00 USD






High-Current, Unidirectional Speed Controllers for Brush-Type DC Motor,   30V, 50V, 120V at 32A to 50A

   Open Loop, Single Channel, With Finned Heat Sink

        Si50HyUdMC1-30V-50A       Si50HyUdMC1-50V-50A        Si50HyUdMC1-120V-32A        Si50NeUdMC1-120V-32A


High Power H-Bridges  with  Heat Sink; 30V or 50V, 100V at 20A and 30A

Mid-Frequency H-Bridge 20A





Smart H-Bridge with  Soft  Start & Soft Stop, 20A   






High-Frequency H-Bridge, 30V, 50V,100V, 30A   






Bidirectional Speed Controllers for Brush-Type DC Motor; Open Loop, 30V or 50V at 20A and 30A 

30V or 50V at 20A, with Active-Low Control, Soft-Start and Soft-Stop , Digital (Di) or Hybrid (Hy), with AP1 Aluminum Plate, or with FHS1 or FHS2 Finned Heat Sink








Networkable (Ne) with RS232Port, 20A     


 High-Frequency , 30A




2-Phase Brushless DC Motor Controllers,   30V, at 20A

                                   Open Loop, Single Channel, With Finned Heat Sink

        Si25HFHB1-AC2-30V-20A-FHS4 (Two-Pin Analog Control)       Si26HFHB1-AHC2-30V-20A-FHS4  (Two-Pin Digital Control)       

Networkable Temperature Sensor Boards 30V,  8-Digital Sensors with 12-Bit Resolution,  LCD Port


Unidirectional DC Thermo-Electric Proportional Integral Temperature Controllers with  9-Bit, 12-Bit  Sensors; Heat Sink

Field-Programmable (FP) Unidirectional  9-Bit, 12-Bit Proportional (P), Proportional and Integral (PI) Temperature Controller for Heating-only or Cooling-only  with LCD Display Port

 $99.00 to $129.00 USD     

Si4UdTEPITC1-FP12B-26V-16A  12-Bit, 1 Load, On-Board Set-T Pot

Si5HyUdPTC1-30V-20A   9-Bit, 1 Load, Heat or Cold Mode

 Si5HyUdPTC1-50V-20A   9-Bit, 1 Load, Heat or Cold Mode

 Si5HyUdPTC2-CC-30V-2x16A   9-Bit, 2 Loads,  Cold Mode

 Si5HyUdPTC2-HC-30V-2x20A   9-Bit,  2 Loads, Heat & Cold Mode


Networkable, 12-Bit Digital Sensor, Proportional  Integral Temperature Controller (PITC), 16x2 LCD Display Port, RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant,

 $149.00  to $159.00 USD

 Si15NePITC1-HC12B-30V-20A     12-Bit, 1 Load, Heat or Cold Mode

 Si15NePITC2-HC12B-30V-2x16A  12-Bit,  2 Loads,  Heat and Cold Mode


Bidirectional DC Thermo-Electric 12-Bit Proportional and Integral Temperature Controllers  with Heat Sink 

 Digital and Analog Control, 12-Bit  Proportional and Integral  Temperature Controllers (PITC), 1 Sensor, with H-Bridge,   1 TE Cell Port, 2x16  LCD Display Port

  $169.00 to $199.00 USD

Si23BdTETRC1-12BSD-26V-16A   12-Bit, Temp-Range Controller

Si23BdTEPITC1-12BSD-26V-16A  12-Bit PITC,  Analog & Digital In

Si24BdTEPITC1-12BSD-30V-20A  12-Bit PITC,  Analog & Digital In

Si24BdTEPITC1-12BSD-50V-20A  12-Bit PITC,  Analog & Digital In


 Networkable, 12-Bit Proportional and Integral   Temperature Controllers (PITC), with H-Bridge, 1 TE Cell Port, 2x16 LCD Display Port

$249.00 to $269.00 USD

Si25NeTEPITC1-12B-20V-10A  12-Bit PITC, 1 Sensor,  for Low-Voltage Cells

Si25NeTEPITC1-12B-50V-20A  12-Bit PITC, 1 Sensor

Si25NeTEPITC1-12B3S-50V-20A  12-Bit PITC, 3 Sensors, 1 Control , Auxil


Unidirectional AC Temperature Controllers with Digital Sensor


  Si82Hy2ZPTC -120/240V-5A  9-Bit Sensor    Si82Di2ZPTC -120/240V-5A 9-Bit Sensor

Accessories and Parts       (Feature Items)

   Si14LCD2L16CH-3PC   Si14LCD2L16CH-4PC   Si14LCD2L16CH-5PC

  2-Lines by 16-Char. Serial LCD

 The Si14LCD2L16CH is a 2 line by 16 character, transflective LCD display module with back lighting that uses a 5V, 9600 bps RS232 standard. A 12 inches long, cable with two 3 to 5 pin female connectors is included for rapid connectivity. Click on the link given below to view specifications:  Si14LCD2L16CH-Spec1.    

Size: 3.15 in x 1.5 in x 0.9 inRoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant,  Used With Si5, Si14, Si15, Si24, Si25 Boards,  $59.00 USD             


 Si4Display  4 Digits Seven Segment LED Display

Si4Display is a 4-Digit LED display module with RS232 interface. It can be  controlled with serial command from any host controller with RS232 or TTL serial port (UART). The Si4Display is cascadable to form a display chain that can be controlled with single pin from a host controller or PC. Each Si4Display  can be programmed with unique address so that each can be individually controlled. A 12 inch cable with connectors is included with this unit. Click on the link given below to view specifications  Si4Display-Spec1.

Size: 3.7 in x 1.4 in x 0.5 in With Green LEDs,   $59.00 USD  



   (3.0 in x 3.0 in x 1.5 in)  Plastic  Enclosure for indoor use.   Works with Si5,..,Si24  Boards,  $12.00 USD


 (5.9 in x 4.1 in x 2.25 in)  Metal Enclosure and 20W Heat-Sink, for indoor use.  Works with All Signal Boards,  $49.00 USD


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Availability: We usually ship in 2-3 business days with US Postal Service or others. 

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